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My name is Lisa and I live in Churchdown, and up until mid 2010, I worked for the same company for 13 years until being made redundant.

I needed this break to be able to do what I have always wanted to do, and that's work with animals. Being a vet would be too emotional for me and a rescue centre would probably result in me bringing my work home. This is when I thought about looking after peoples pets, walking and grooming their dogs, and being able to solve that " who is going to look after our cat(s) / small pets while we are on holiday" problem.I have groomed my own and family dogs (currently a Standard Poodle called Charlie) for years and years. I spent a lot of time grooming dogs of friends and family, so a career in dog grooming seemed to be a natural direction to take.


Since a child I have always had pets, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and owning my own dog. At the moment I have 2 girls (1aka rats) called Rosie and lola, not forgetting my lovely ladies (aka chickens) called Dori and Hattie. Charlie my black standard poodle came into our lives about four years ago, she is elegant, placid and do I dare say it very flirty when she wants to be!

It wasn't until the chickens came along last year and we wanted to go away camping last minute that I realised I can't always rely on the neighbours to look after them. Knowing someone was going to be there on a regular basis for my feathery and furry family members would be a huge relief. My first priority is always making sure they are happy and comfortable and of course stress free.


I am an early bird and love walking and generally being around animals, hence why my business came in to being. I recently passed with 'Distinction' my online course on Canine Behaviour, plus reading many books written by Cesar Milan on general dog behaviour etc has given me a great insight in to what makes dogs tick. Although no expert, I can deal with most situations that occur in my line of business!
I am always expanding my knowledge and experience with things like additional advanced dog grooming courses which will continually fine tune and improve my grooming skills. There is no substitute for experience though and I can proudly say that I have a great portfolio of satisfied dogs and owners that have benefited from my dog grooming services. On top of all this, Animal Care courses to help improve my knowledge of basic first aid, nutrition and so on are constantly top of my to dos list!
So you now know about me, I now look forward to hearing from you! Please visit the Contact Us section to get in touch.

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Blossoms Pet Care
Professional Pet Care Services throughout Gloucestershire, UK, including Gloucester and Cheltenham.

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