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Dog Grooming Services

A good dog groomer will offer a full menu of options to cater for every pet owner’s needs. Keeping your best friend well groomed and clean is essential. A large amount of a dog’s fur sheds naturally which is part of their genetic make-up / breed.  Some dogs malt or shed their hair more than others.  Some dog hair grows very quickly, whereas with others, it can be a lot slower.

Dog Grooming – getting what you want

All dog owners spend a lot of time with their naturally, it makes sense that understanding the needs of you the dog owner is very important. As well as considering the style normally associated with your four legged friend’s breed, it’s important to make sure that people like the look of their canine pals. Part of Blossoms Pet Care’s service will include taking the time to discuss from the outset a dog owners needs and expectations. If they want to veer away from the norm, then that’s fine with us.

Dog Groomers - classic cuts

Not everybody wants the ‘classic cut’ or style associated with their dog’s breed. Blossoms Pet Care feels that this is a very important factor that some people in this profession seem to overlook. Customers paying for these K9 services should be happy with the end result...if this means cutting or trimming slightly away from the norm then so be it! Likewise, where client’s need guidance or advice on which way they could have their dog groomed, the best groomers should always be on hand to help.

Blossoms Pet Care can accommodate pretty much any dog in need of grooming. In particular, we have a lot of experience providing the following services:

  • Poodle grooming
  • West Highland Terrier (Westie) grooming
  • Cross breeds of almost all types,
    for example Sheepoo, Chorkie, etc
  • Border Terrier grooming
  • Shih Tzu (or Schitzu) grooming
  • Cocker Spaniel grooming

Your Dog’s Coat

It goes without saying that a well looked after dog coat contributes to your dog’s overall well being. To keep your pet in good shape you will no doubt take advice from your vet. Whether it’s about diet, medication, or exercise - you know that a vet has your dog’s best interest at heart. When it comes to grooming your dog, the same is also true of a professional and experienced groomer.

Blossoms Pet Care provides a personal and bespoke dog grooming  package for every client. Contact Lisa on 07968 237 690 or email her on for a friendly chat and to find out about prices, availability and dog grooming service special offers. With 10% off your first dog grooming session at now being offered, avoid disappointment and be sure to book in as early as possible!

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