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Clipping Dogs Nails

Vets are very good at clipping dogs claws, but a visit can be costly if all you are going there for is to have them to look at your dogs nails. Clipping dogs nails can be done by Blossoms Pet Care, and is always part of a full grooming session. If need be, this can also be done on its own for a fraction of what the vet may charge you. We are a lot cheaper than taking a trip to the vets just for sorting their nails out, and we can even come to you if need be. Clipping dogs claws is carried out as a matter of course with any session at Blossoms Pet Care – straight away you can save £10 plus by not having to go to the vets!

Part of looking after your dog’s well being and health you need to consider occasional dog nail clipping. Nails generally speaking will wear down naturally with regular walking on hard surfaces. However sometimes they don’t wear naturally (due to the breed, where and how often they are walked...many different reasons) and so dog nails may need to be cut by a professional.

This makes sure that dog nails are kept to a reasonable length. Dog’s also have what is known a ‘dew claw’ and these if left can curl under and grow back in on itself,  untouched it will actually start to grow into the pad. This should be avoided and prevented at all costs.

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Trimming Dogs Nails

If dog nails are kept in trim the kwik (which is the nerve inside) will reduce in length thus keeping the nail shorter. As mentioned regular walking on hard surfaces will wear them down, but you will still need to keep an eye on the dew claw as this won’t wear down as part of everyday dog walking.

In addition, clipping dogs nails yourself may not be a good idea unless you are very confident and have the right equipment. When clipping dogs claws you have to be careful that they don’t cut the ‘kwik’ as it will bleed quite a lot considering its size! This is ideally best left to people who provide professional dog care services as they have experience with this sort of thing, and also the remedy on hand should the nerve be nipped.

Did you know that black nails on a dog (as in the dog’s nails themselves are black) are the hardest to deal with as you cannot see the kwik? With white claws you can see the pink nerve through the layers (even with brown claws you can sometimes see the nerve,)  and so can cut more accurately.  Also, did you know that we actually include - nail cutting) as part of a normal groom? Some companies will charge you extra for this!!

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