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Dog Clipping

As most of us know there are some breeds of dog that require their dog hair cutting to keep their coat in tip top condition. Blossoms Pet Care’s comprehensive services cover all of the classic / text book dog clipping styles. We can transform your dog from a fur ball to a prime K9 grooming specimen in next to no time! For examples of dog clipping prices take a look at our price list section on this website.

Clipping Dogs - text book or individual?

One thing that Blossoms Pet Care’s experience has shown is that this is very much an individual thing. For example, one breed of dog that requires regular dog hair cutting is a breed that we’re sure most people can recognise straight away...the Poodle. Whether it’s a Toy Poodle, a Miniature Poodle or a Standard Poodle, there are many ways of clipping this most elegant of canine breeds and you may have seen the show cut with the big bouffant style and shaved areas. However, this is not every poodle owner’s cup of tea not every owner wants this type.


Likewise, there are other, rarer, breeds like the Portuguese Water Dog that can have some very distinctive styles (they have often been mistaken as a standard poodle), but this is not to every dog owner’s taste. Another classic example of  the ‘text book scenario’ can be found with Bichon Frise ...  these are great dogs, however sometimes a classic rounded face and fluffy finish isn’t what all owners really want.

With Blossoms Pet Care, our dog clipping services are all used to achieve what the customer wants. Dogs will be brushed to remove any matted fur (etc), then bathed and thoroughly dried with powerful and specialist equipment. A thorough process is always undertaken in a way that ensures a good even cut, with scissoring if needed, depending on the breed of dog.  In some breeds like poodles ears may need plucking – there’s always a few treats lined up at the end of this little exercise as it’s not the dog’s favourite. Dog Ears & Eyes can be carefully cleaned and dog nail clipping is always best taken care of by a groomer

So ... with all of this information on our website, image how much more is on the other end of the phone. Contact Lisa on 07968 237 690 or email her on for more information.

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