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Mobile Dog Grooming

For some people, taking their dog to the local dog groomers may not be entirely practical. It may be that they can’t drive, are house bound or it may even be something as simple as they are waiting in for the gas man or a delivery! The first thing many people do in this situation is think ‘I know, I’ll get a groomer to come to me...’ and why not, it seems like the next best thing - or is it?

It’s true, mobile dog groomers will come to you and do the work. However, there is an alternative that Blossoms Pet Care have found more and more people are using. People in this situation have found that our collection and drop off service is a far better alternative. Why is that?


In all honesty, there are many reasons. But why take our word for it? We have asked a few of our customers why they prefer us to collect their dog and groom in our work shop, as opposed to using a mobile dog grooming services. You can then make your own mind up!

“Why should I pay for a grooming session and then have to provide the electric and? I wouldn’t expect a mechanic to ask me for the oil and spark plugs when he services my car would I!” Iain Matthews, Gloucester.

“Pixie is very excitable and just won’t stand still if she’s clipped at home. The minute she is on that table in your workshop, she’s as good as gold. Claire, Churchdown.


 “We had this huge unsightly van sat on your drive for half a day whilst they were doing our two boys. It was like a huge mobile advert for them. And they put a hazard sign on the pavement too.“ Joanna Davies, Gloucester.

Our collection and drop off service really is the best alternative to physically taking your dog to the groomers yourself. Blossoms Pet Care are generally no more expensive than mobile dog groomers. Besides, what’s more important, and couple of pound or your dogs well being?

As a final thought, in America groomers have huge vans for performing their services on the move (as you would expect!) so dogs have quite a bit of room to move. However, mobile dog grooming (UK based that is) have much smaller vans. They really can stress dogs out unnecessarily. Do you want to put your best pal through that?

For more info and a competitive quote call us now on 07968 237 690. Take a look at our dog grooming price list and examples to see exactly how competitive Blossoms Pet Care really are!

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