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Mobile Dog Wash

For various reasons, people are unable to take their pets to somewhere that provides dog washing or dog bathing. A mobile dog wash is often the first and a natural thought as an alternative.  This option may be a good idea in principal, but sometimes hooking up to your electricity (and sometimes you water) can be quite problematic. Likewise with the mess they can leave behind!

So, what’s the alternative to mobile dog washing?

Well, how about if a company were to come to you, collect your dog, take it away, wash him or her for you and then return them back to you at home? How much more convenient could that be?


Dog Collection and Drop off Service

Blossoms Pet Care offer a Collection and Drop off Service which means we can offer a convenient alternative. Very popular with many of our customers we are fully insured and have a well equipped van for transport needs. If you can’t drive yourself, need to wait in for some reason, or are simply unable to leave the house because of the kids, this is an ideal alternative to a mobile dog wash.

For more info and to see how much it would be to come and collect your dog(s) and have them groomed in a spacious and stress free environment, visit our contact us page or call Lisa now on 07968 237 690.

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How often should you wash your dog?

Well, in reality the answer is simply ‘not that often!’ Your dog should not need regular bathing unless it (unfortunately!) smells from time to time, or is very much an ‘in and out of the water dog’. This is true for long fur, short fur, wired hair, and ‘woolie’ coats.

When a dog is in and out of the water they dry quicker than when you bath them at home or at the groomers. This is because the water has not reached the skin and is repelled by the dog’s natural oils in its coat. When you use shampoo this cuts through the oils and so saturates the coat, thus cleaning it.


As part of the dog care we provide, drying needs to be done thoroughly after a dog wash to prevent dry skin conditions / irritations. After almost every dog wash Blossoms Pet Care do we use free standing dryers (not cages or enclosures) to ensure the water is forced from the coat and they dry correctly.

So, don’t delay call Lisa now on 07968 237 690 or visit our contact us page!

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