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Puppy Grooming

When buying a dog, no matter what the breed, it is best that you get them used to grooming (puppies especially) as early as possible. Part of training a puppy involves socialisation skills and dealing with different and sometimes noisy situations. The earlier they are exposed to dog groomers the better.

Puppy Grooming  Services – the perfect introduction!

Blossoms Pet Care offer a unique Introduction to Puppy Grooming Package which doesn’t have to actually include any grooming. It is purely a small and cheap package that helps introduce your pet to things like the bath (nothing like a normal bath!), hair dryers, clippers, scissors and even the table itself. Plenty of treats are given out to make it as enjoyable an experience as possible. The more enjoyable they find it early on, the easier and it will be for you and your dog in the future.

puppy grooming

This popular puppy care package is tailored depending on your dog’s age and personality. You are welcome to stay with us and help introduce him or her and build confidence in them. For more details and to see exactly how easy and cheap this is, give Lisa a quick call on 07968 237 690 or email on

Grooming Puppies


Simple noises like hairdryers can stress puppies out, even adult dogs that have not experienced this equipment can be unnerved by the noise. Trying this at home can have an adverse affect if not done correctly, so finding out how the professionals do it is the best first port of call (for instance, letting them see the dryer turned off first, not approaching them from behind so that they can see the dryer many more tricks!).


What else can you do yourself? Well, simply brushing your doggie can also reinforce the hierarchy level in your pack, you being the alpha leader. Brushing using even just a soft bristle brush regularly will install the ‘I am boss’ message to your dog. The time will come eventually when you need your pet professionally taken care of, depending on the breed this can mean something simple like a bath and blow dry through to something more comprehensive like clipping. How will they react with the clippers, the noise, the vibration, especially in between their pads?

Introducing them early (as with anything) is the key to success here, alongside rewards and loving care and attention. Contact Blossoms Pet Care today to see how we can help you without breaking the bank!

For more details and to see exactly how easy and cheap this is, give Lisa a quick call on 07968 237 690 or email on

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