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Pet Sitting

It pretty much goes without saying that any family pet is best left in their own, familiar environment. Blossoms Pet Care are fully insured pet sitters, UK (Gloucestershire) based and are on hand to help when you are away from home for whatever the reason. Less stress for your pet, and less stress and hassle for you.

Pet sitting prices

How much you will have to pay for pet sitting will depend on your requirements. A simply visit in the day to let your dog outside for 15 minutes whilst you are at work may cost as little as £5. However, you may require longer pet sitting, dog walking and even a quick bath for instance would be closer to £35. It really does depend on what you need. Where you live, how many pets you have, what you want doing will all affect the price. The type of pets you have too! Contact us now for your own personal price and a friendly chat.

Blossoms Pet Care has a wealth of experience in pet sitting and looking after such animals as:

  • dogs (all breeds including puppies)
  • cats
  • rabbits
  • chickens
  • tortoises
  • fish
  • rats
  • hamsters & guinea pigs

Pet sitting Cheltenham (or anywhere in the GL area!)

Blossoms Pet Care offer a range of services including dog sitting and cat sitting, as well as providing chicken sitters and rabbit sitters throughout Gloucestershire.

We realise that people look for and describe pet sitting services in a number of different ways. Petsitting for instance is a common phrase (all spelt as one word as opposed to two). Some people are looking for pet sitters to call in during the day time – others the evening. Whatever your needs, Blossoms Pet Care are police checked and fully insured pet sitters so call Lisa today on 07968 237690 or email her on find out how we can help you!

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Dog grooming - Guinea Pigs
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Blossoms Pet Care
Professional Pet Care Services throughout Gloucestershire, UK, including Gloucester and Cheltenham.

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