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Cat Sitting

As with dog sitting, cat sitting services can be tailored to meet the needs of individual pets and their owners. Many cats, especially older or more timid creatures, often prefer the comfort of their own familiar surrounds as opposed to being placed in a cattery whilst you go away. Similarly, being fed the same food, and not being exposed to unfamiliar smells and sounds will all help keep kitty happy.

Relying on family, friends and neighbours can sometimes be awkward ... especially you are away from home on a frequent basis. This is where Blossoms Pet Care can help.


Cat Sitting Service

As with any other pet care company in Gloucestershire, our visits can include any of the following:

  • Feeding and making sure plenty of fresh water is available
  • Empty and clean kitty litter tray, bowls and so on
  • Pet and play time
  • Administer any medication
  • Look after the house whilst you are away (open and close curtains, turn lights and the radio/TV on and off...even get the milk in!)

Cat Sitting Rates

Blossoms Pet Care cat sitting prices start from as little as just £10 per visit and the length of the visit and what we do when we are there is determined by you. You may wish to have us visit just once a day or even combine our services with visits by neighbours or friends if you are away for a long period of time. Whatever your preference, Blossoms Pet Care’s cat sitting services is very flexible and its reassuring to know we are both police checked and fully insured.

To find out more about how our cat sitting skills can help you, please drop us a quick email, or call or text Lisa on 07968 237 690.

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