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Chicken Sitters

Blossoms Pet Care are here to help look after those lovely ladies that are laying eggs for you each day with our chicken sitting service. If you are going away for a few days we can visit and perform the daily tasks that you would normally do...after all, neighbours and family/friends aren’t always available to help!

Do you have an automatic door open/close sensor or do they need locking in at night and letting out in the mornings? When do you normally feed them?When have they generally all laid their eggs by?

Cheltenham & Gloucester based chicken sitter

Based in Churchdown means we are ideally located to look after animals across Gloucestershire. We can arrange chicken visits so that we can let them out of their coup in the morning, put them to bed at night, feed, collect eggs, and clean out.

It may be that you require two trips depending on how your ladies are. One early on in the day for food and water (and collect eggs if they are ready), and one later in the day for egg collecting (if they are laid by the morning visit) for example. If you have a manual door on the hen house you may require three trips.

Hen sitting requirements really do vary, so contact Lisa today on 07968 237 690 or email your requirements to Whilst we are looking after your chickens we can also collect your post, water your plants, and even feed the fish if you have any

Chicken Wing Clipping

When a chicken’s moult and grow their new feathers they may need their wing clipping to ensure they stay in your garden. This is a service that we at Blossoms Pet Care offer and is best done at your home. Please contact us for a quick chat and to see if your ladies need a quick clip!

Chicken Sitting

All chickens are different along with their routines. Our visits are tailored to meet your requirements and ensure your ladies are happy throughout the time they are in our care. Plus, of course during your holiday we can always give you updates on your mobile to let you know how things are!

So, if you are looking for chicken sitters Blossoms Pet Care‘s chicken sitting services are very flexible and able to meet with your needs. Call Lisa today on 07968 237 690 (or use the email link above) and see how we can help you.

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